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Creative arts therapies may help curb anxiety among adolescents

Creative arts therapies may help curb anxiety among adolescents

December 20 | By TATH Team

Anxiety is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder in the United States. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorder affects approximately 18.1 percent of the total adult population. The condition is also quite prevalent among children and adolescents. As per the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), around 31.9 percent adolescents in the U.S. are affected by some form of anxiety disorder.

The ADAA states that despite the fact that anxiety disorders are highly treatable, only 36.9 percent of those suffering from it receive treatment. While there are several treatment options, such as medications, therapies and self-care techniques, that can enable an adult’s recovery, it is important to understand that children affected by an anxiety disorder need special treatment. Out of the several techniques tried in the past few years, creative arts therapy has proven to be the most effective for anxiety disorders.

Creative arts therapy is a treatment option that involves the use of creative expressions, brain stimulation, physical intervention, and alternative communication methods as a way to curb the effects of anxiety on one’s life. This majorly includes the techniques used in art therapy, music therapy, dance/movement therapy or any other therapy that evokes creativity and allows a child to express it. For instance, art therapy can be used to represent anxiety visually and establishing a soothing connection between the art materials and the individual affected by anxiety. Music therapy and dance/movement therapy are effective ways to offer relief to the particular brain and body regions that are affected by the disorder.

Implementing creative arts therapy 

Creative arts therapy has become an effective treatment option in schools for children dealing with some form of anxiety disorder. Used when words alone are not enough, these therapies help students overcome their behavioral health issues, improve their social skills as well as talk about the reasons behind their anxiety and the ways they plan to overcome it.

Using different types of creative therapies has its own advantages. Some of these advantages are listed below:

1. Art therapy

A child can express his/her emotions and feelings using different mediums such as paint, pencil, or pen. Using each medium offers a different feeling and hence, has a different cognitive and emotional response. In simple words, art therapy is a way to tap into a child’s personal experiences and help him/her begin his/her journey towards recovery. 

2. Music therapy

Music therapy makes one play musical instruments, sing a song, compose music as well as create improvisational music for therapeutic effects. Since music is known as an effective technique to uplift one’s mood, using this therapy helps a child develop higher mental flexibility as well as maintain a better control over his/her actions.

3. Dance/movement therapy 

This therapy helps establish a direct connection between the body and the brain. Preparing one’s body to handle stress and anxiety, a child undergoing this therapy learns to alter his/her body movements as per the emotions he/she is feeling.

Recovery roadmap

Therapies like play therapy, poetry therapy and drama therapy are some other known therapies that can serve as a great help to an individual dealing with an anxiety disorder. However, before undergoing any sort of therapy, it is essential an individual gets the right diagnosis at a credible anxiety clinic. The therapists present at the clinic would help the individual plan a suitable recovery program to enable one’s quick and lasting recovery.

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