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Lavender aromatherapy – A safer treatment for pre-op anxiety

Lavender aromatherapy – A safer treatment for pre-op anxiety

January 10 | By Admin

Anxiety can affect any individual at any point of time. Some might get anxious on facing a problem at work, before an important meeting or prior to appearing for a test. There is another common form of anxiety that affects a lot of people right before their operation or when they are about to undergo a surgery for a medical condition. This type of anxiety is known as ‘pre-op anxiety.’ Some of the risk factors that can trigger pre-op anxiety are fear of death, financial loss, results of operation and awareness about the procedure.

Treating an individual for pre-op anxiety is possible by providing certain antidepressants and some counseling sessions. Besides medications and other traditional approaches, a number of recent researches have proved that the condition can also be treated using safer alternatives like aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy, a natural form of treatment and a kind of alternative medicine, can be used for treating psychiatric conditions like anxiety. While the increased use of opioids can slow healing process and worsen immunity, aromatherapy using aromatic plant oils helps in improving the psychological or physical well-being of an individual. The aromatic vapors of plant oils effectively treat anxiety by stimulating the nervous system. These oils are extracted from different plants, spices and flowers.

Understanding anxiolytic effects of lavender aromatherapy

Whether an individual feels worried about an upcoming event or is nervous about a surgery, aromatherapy is a simple and effective remedy to all such feelings. Out of the multiple options available, lavender aromatherapy is known as one of the most effective ways to get rid of the overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

Recognized for inducing sleep, relieving stress and boosting the immune system, aromatherapy using lavender oil is effective in reducing headache, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, tension, etc. Besides the relaxing impact, lavender oil has a refreshing aroma that is beneficial in reducing the level of nervous exhaustion and restlessness by increasing mental activity.

According to a study, published in September 2010, the oral administration of a new lavender oil capsule Silexan in comparison to placebo can prove to be an effective treatment for subsyndromal (or preclinical) anxiety disorder by improving sleep and ensuring a better mental and physical health. Another study, published in April 2012, revealed that using lavender oil can act as an effective way to lower blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature. Compared to those using regular oils, those using lavender oil were more relaxed, active and fresh. Unlike the base oils, lavender oil increases the power of theta and alpha brain activities.

While lavender aromatherapy decreases an individual’s anxiety level, it is important to know that this therapy can also be used as an effective remedy from menstrual cramps, dementia and any form of distress.

Road to recovery

It is important for an individual to be aware that the essential oils such as lavender are made up of an array of chemicals and secondary metabolites that are found in various plants. Unlike opioids that cause numerous side effects, natural therapies like aromatherapy ensure greater benefits without causing any adverse consequences. Such novel treatments are becoming increasingly popular among both the medical practitioners and common masses.

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